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Image by Ivars Utināns


Discover the occupation period and Soviet Riga from 1940 – 1991.

Are you interested in finding out about how Riga changed hands between the invading Soviet and Nazi forces during the Second World War? Join us on a tour that will explore all sides of the occupation. Walk with us down Lenin street,  also known as Adolf Hitler street, on a sightseeing tour of Riga’s most important 20th century sites. Soviet monuments and other places of importance will be explored.

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50 years of occupation is not an easy subject.

Educational and well delivered, unbiased and well researched; we do not aim to prove who was the most atrocious or who was right or wrong. Politics will not come into this tour from our side. You are of course welcome to share your views and leave with your own opinions. Our aim is to simply lead you and inform you of what we have found through research.

Strategically, Riga played an important role in the Second World War. Because of its harbours and geographic significance, both sides wanted to gain control of the region and Riga was the key.

If you want to know what led to the occupation of Latvia, what took place during the period before, during and after the war came to an end, this tour is a great way to understand it and see how it came to change the city.

We recommend that you take the time to visit the Occupation museum and the Jewish history museum before or after this tour to gain a complete picture of the period. These are great compliments to the tour, for those that are interested in this subject.

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