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E.a.t. has years of experience delivering unique walking tours


On a Riga walking tour we lead people away from the main tourist sites and deliver tours in our own special way. Our main aim above all is to bring entertainment and information, through a relaxed and fun tour of Riga. Take a look at our Riga Walking Tour offers here:

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Great guides and unique routes through Riga.

Try not to get stuck in the Old Town because Riga has so much to offer! There are so many things for you to see, enjoy, taste, smell and experience, all across the city. That is why we have created a number of different options for you to try. Our walking tours are suitable for all age groups and nationalities. Come along and join us for a Riga City Tour like no other!

Which Tour to choose?

If you prefer not to walk too much and like to see the traditional side of old Riga – choose the Old Town Tour. If You want to see more of Riga, away from the typical routes – choose Riga Alternative Tour. This tour will show Riga Central Market, wooden architecture and the hip Central district of  Riga. The Moscow district, due to its rich Jewish,Russian and working class history is a real story waiting to be discovered. – Moscow District Tour focuses on that. What happened in WW2 and after, during the Soviet takeover – the Soviet & Nazi Riga Tour tells the history of that period. For architectural sights it is the Art Nouveau Tour that explores the period of late 19th and early 20th century of Riga and the event that lead to it.

By joining an Eat Riga walking tour, you will get the most out of your time here. You will see things you would otherwise miss and get to know the city and what makes it tick. We’ll take you out of the touristy areas and into the more authentic parts of Riga. Our fun, informative and interesting guides will bring you a local perspective. You will leave our city knowing Riga better than many locals do.

Why choose an E.A.T. Riga walking tour?

  • A friendly and fresh style to our guiding.

  • Creative and fun delivery of information.

  • Support for you during your stay in Riga.

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Flexibility for your tours.

Finally, with a range of different walking tours on offer, you should find something for you. Furthermore, if there is something else you want, or wish to make a combination of tours, please contact us so we can build a tour for you.

Come join us on an Eat Riga city tour, a tour unlike any other.

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