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Discover Latvian Craft Beer and enjoy Riga at  a slower pace.

If you like beer then Riga is a great city to explore modern craft beer trends. Join us on a tour where you will be tasting a wide range of local beers and get a behind the scene visit to a local Micro Brewery. This laid back excursion will allow you to explore Riga, learn about local brewing habits and sample some of the best craft beers in Latvia.

Old Riga Tour: About


Riga's most popular beverage is uncovered

Our craft beer tour in Riga is one of our most popular offers. It allows a truly interactive experience to take place and highlights some really insider elements that most tourists will simple miss. In the past years Riga's best bar and beer spots have really developed as Riga's inhabitants grew tired of the prices, tourists and loss of reality in the Old city. They began to open up locations across the Central district and it is here where we will find local people, local craft beer and our brewers. Ready to open their breweries for you to see what happens behind the scenes, what is special about Latvian craft beer and get to taste a range of these masterpieces for yourself.

Craft beer is booming in Riga and with so many new micro breweries and beers to explore it helps to have a local guide lead you along the way to avoid the touristic traps and find out where the locals sink there craft beers, hidden away in unknown corners of Riga.

The craft beer scene in Riga is always changing. New locations appear in old disused factories, bars pop up in hard to reach locations, seasonal markets showcase wide ranges of beers from across the nation and what we try and do is to keep in touch with how the craft beer movement in Riga is evolving. Our current locations for craft beer tastings may change from one week to another and this helps us to keep up to date with what is happening around the city.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your group to have a great time in Riga with our Latvian Craft Beer tasting tour.

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