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A tour of Riga’s most fantastic Art Nouveau Architecture

Join us on an Art Nouveau tour of Riga. Arty Nouveau also known as Jugendstil, heavily influenced Riga’s architecture in the early 1900’s. No other city can boast such a variety of exquisite examples from this amazing movement. Riga has been crowned one of the best cities in Europe to visit for its diverse range of Art Nouveau. Join us & you’ll truly understand why.

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Riga is home to a wide range of Art Nouveau, join us to learn more,

Most tour guides stick to a very small area often known as the ‘Art Nouveau District’ but we feel this does not do Riga’s history justice, there is so much more out there. We aim not only to cover the well known touristic streets such as Alberta and Elizabetes iela but to take you further into central Riga to explore some of the more obscure examples Riga has to offer.

Now it is your turn to see why Riga is world famous for its incredible Art Nouveau architecture. Put the medieval churches and Old Town to one side and have a look at what was happening at the beginning of the 20th century. Riga was at its peak, rich merchants were showing off their power and wealth and the city was expanding at an alarming rate. The result was a phenomenal building boom that coincided with a growth of the Art Nouveau style across the world.

The Art Nouveau Museum is a great addition to this tour, if you plan to visit it please let us know so we can better include this into your tour. Its a great way to finish off a nice walk with us.

So join us and see what made Riga so special during this period. With over 600 buildings constructed in this style between 1900 and 1910, we have a lot to show you.

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