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Image by Ernests Vaga


Escape the Old city of Riga and discover the real Riga. A Riga Alternative tour is a sightseeing tour like no other!

The best way to see Riga from a local’s perspective! Experience Riga Alternative daily life. This is our longest running tour and still a favourite among our customers. Great for those who like to know what is happening now, as well as learning a little about Riga’s past. Get to know about things to do in Riga, what’s on in Riga and much more besides.

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Discover the real Riga

Discover the other side of Riga. This eye-opening route takes you through the many different districts of Riga. Visit odd curiosities, strange markets and Riga’s wooden houses, enjoy Riga’s Art Nouveau masterpieces, jump from little boutiques and galleries to antique stores and funky little cafes, and of course catch up on stories past and present about this great city, from one of our well-informed group leaders.

Our guide will lead you out of the Old Town and introduce you to districts you may not have known were there, allowing you to experience Riga beyond the tourist traps. Get to know the city on our alternative walking tour and discover Riga from different perspective. See the real Riga.

The E.a.t Riga team is made up of enthusiastic, young Riga residents, who are passionate and determined to show their city in a true and honest manner. We are all very different but one thing we all share is the love for this fantastic and ever changing city.

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