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Explore Riga’s Old Town through facts, tales and legends.

We have put our E.A.T. Riga style on to a classical tour for you to enjoy. You will see the churches, you will get the town squares, you will get the dates and the numbers but you will also get the ghost stories, jokes, tales, odd legends and hidden gems that many miss in beautiful Old Riga.

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Uncover the historical heart of Riga

Take yourself back to the year 1201 and up to the present day on a pleasant historical journey through the old winding streets of Old Riga.

The Old City of Riga is where it all began; settlements existed here before the Christians came to smash away the Pagans and introduce their taxes on the local trade. The fortified settlement flourished and made many a merchant wealthy. Sailors came and went bringing goods and produce with them, and  the Old City passed from from one regional ruler to another. Hear their stories, the story of the people who made Riga.

We will make a point of being honest about the Old city, showing you which bits were rebuilt by the Soviets, which bits were rebuilt after independence in 1991 and what we think is the future of the Riga Old Town.

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