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With a name like E.a.t. Riga, we have to offer some food and drink tours right?

Taste real Latvian culture in Riga! The Food and drink tours and events offered by us are one of the best ways to get an understanding of Latvian history and culture. With a name like E.A.T. Riga, how can we not cater for your hunger to try our local cuisine.

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Riga gastronomy and degustations

As with all our tours, the aim is to get people to experience local culture. Of course we are a business, but our passion for local products, craftsmen and traders ensures that we will not be dragging you to the closest touristy Latvian-themed restaurant. We want to show you Latvian cuisine as it was historically as well as how it is changing in a global environment.

Riga’s gastronomic scene is growing every year. The old marketplaces are still teeming with fresh produce and the traditional, popular, stable food and drink is still enjoyed by the Latvian people, but now you can also find upcoming young chefs using local produce in inventive new ways, a booming craft-beer scene and a wide range of specialist gourmet shops all across the city.

Our Food and Drink Tours focus on the independent, local and seasonable. You will discover the tastiest Latvian delicacies, most delicious beers, the most interesting restaurants and leave Riga well and truly satisfied.

Why choose an E.A.T. Riga Food & Drink tour?

  • Meet a passionate and knowledgeable local guide.

  • Find Riga’s hidden culinary delights.

  • You’ll experience the city differently than on an ordinary tour

  • We have the flexibility to combine food and/or drink with our regular tours.

  • The best way to a city’s heart is through its stomach!

If You want to get to know Riga and Latvian cuisine, you are sure to find it on one of our tasting tours, or we can make a custom tour specially for your needs.

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