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Image by Bradyn Shock


Explore Riga on 2 wheels and discover more during your stay.

Riga is perfect for cycling, new bike lanes, flat, open and spacious. We create bike tours for each group that are designed to make the most of your time in the city, whilst being considerate to your groups needs and pace of cycling.


A Riga Bike Tour is a great way to cover the main highlights of Riga in a short time. Come along and enjoy the ride.

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Cycling through the city of Riga is the best way to see more. 

So many different spaces can be explored by bicycle. We have more range, more speed and we can simply squeeze through the city whilst taking it all in. 

Our bike tours are all bespoke. We never run 2 tours the same for private groups. We try to include the areas you wish to discover and our bike guides are familiar with both cycling through Riga as much as they are the history, 

The bike tours of Riga allow you to see so much more than what others get to see. Do not get stuck in Old Riga, escape to see more on 2 wheels. 

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