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Riga Craft Beer & Microbrewey Tour

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour and try the best beer in Riga

Service Description

These days following and staying on top of Latvia's ever emerging craft beer scene can feel like a full time job and with a brewery popping up nearly every month - there's so much to try if you're on a quest for the best pint in Riga. But how to separate the good, the bad and the plain weird? Well, that's where E.A.T. Riga Tours come in - as seasoned beer drinkers and home-brewers we set this tour up around 2014 as the very first craft beer tour in Latvia and with over 100 tours completed we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. First part of the tour will take you to Riga's top microbrewery in the old industrial part of City Centre where the brew-masters have occupied a late 19th century manufacturing site previously used as a car workshop. Here we learn not only about the brewery itself and the long and excruciating road to excellence in taste, but also general beer history and it's undeniable impact on the development of the civilisation, after all it's the oldest alcoholic beverage known to mankind. You'll figure out what makes beer ... beer. What ingredients are used, where they come from, how long it takes from conceiving the recipe to actually being able to sip your own ale? We'll try 6 different beers all brewed on site and get into all the technicalities as much as you'll like. Second part of the adventure takes us to the city's most refined and friendly craft beer bar run by a true craft beer aficionado who's been a part of the scene for over 40 (!) years starting out way back in his home country of the USA where the microbrewery revolution started. We'll sample the finest microbrews from the Baltics and beyond; think of it as filling the gaps - the aim is to go experimental and venture into the world of sometimes challenging flavours. Sour, salty, bitter, sweet, roasty and everything in-between. Only once you've been fully submerged in this cacophony of flavours can you call yourself a person that KNOWS what craft beer truly is. A local beer-savvy guide will accompany you for the whole duration of the tour and will point out other great beer-related places not to be missed while on your stay in Riga. Snacks will be provided, but we encourage you to "lay a good foundation" and have a meal before the 3-4 hour tour. Cheers!

  • 3 hr
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