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Latvian Food Tasting Tour

Come on a Latvian flavour journey through Riga's Central Market

Service Description

Discover real Latvian food on this taste bud-adventure we shall explore the Central Market of Riga: once Zeppelin hangars, these large pavilions are now home to one of Europe's largest covered markets. From its peak in the 1930s to the darkness of the 90s, the market has always been the best place to learn "what do Latvians REALLY eat" and is still constantly changing while in some ways staying the same. First part of the tour will be dedicated to exploring the market area and it's rich history; before the food stalls arrived this was the busy port of Riga that saw massive growth from 1860s to the First World War. After the "golden age" of early 20th century came the slow restart of the 1920s with Central Market being the largest infrastructure project of its time and one of the rare Art Deco buildings in town ever constructed. After we have covered the outdoor section it's time for an in-depth tour of the food stalls and what they offer: your guide will point out all the best vendors and what makes them stand out; you'll learn how to read the price correctly and how some product costs can fluctuate due to an approaching holiday. How to tell what country the produce is really from and where to check if you were sold the right amount using Market authority approved and calibrated scales just like in Soviet times? Where to buy unique hand-made souvenirs, where to find organic horseradish or award-winning honey based moonshine? At the very end of the tour we finally sit down at a cafe and get to try the food we have been looking at and talking about for nearly two hours: all from smoked meats and fish to local cheeses, rye bread, colourful pickled and fermented goods and more. Although Latvian cuisine might not be known as vegetarian friendly we can still cater to different people so you should always note what restrictions or allergies you have and we'll see what we can do to leave no gourmand behind. The amount of food samples you'll get on the standard 2 hour market tour comes to a "light lunch", but this can be changed to something more substantial or even paired with a bigger meal if you let us know your wishes and budget beforehand.

  • 2 hours
  • Contact us for price
  • Agreed meeting point

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