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Image by Dmitry Tomashek


Within Riga there is an area known as the Quiet Center, sometimes referred to as the Art Nouveau District due to the vast amount of architecture from the early 1900’s. It is home to some of the nicer wine bars, restaurants and cafes in Riga.

The Quiet Center is really one of those spaces in Riga that allows you to experience just how glorious the city was back in the 1900’s. You are surrounded by amazing buildings with stunning facades full of detail. The most famous streets here for Art Nouveau would be Albert Street and Elizabeth Street. You will find many gems of Art Nouveau architecture off the more famous streets as well; Vilandes, Rupniecibas and Ausekla ielas all have great examples of Rigas Art Nouveau.

Cobbled streets still exist, many of them one way, which means traffic is low. A large number of 1900’s apartment houses are still inhabited by families giving a sense of community and plenty of Embassies have chosen to occupy apartments in the awe inspiring Art Nouveau buildings that seem to appear on every corner. The only disturbance in this area is between 10.00 and 13.00 when cruise ships dump hundreds of tourists into the area, herding them like cattle around this quiet area. Luckily for you, our Art Nouveau tours do not herd people around, nor do we hold up large umbrellas or sticks with numbers on the end of them!

In the Art Nouveau District you will find some lovely places to stop for a coffee or cake, or possibly a full meal. There are a number of places on Antonijas street worth visiting. There is also the Art Nouveau Museum, a fantastic museum showing life inside of an Art Nouveau apartment. This apartment was once occupied by the famous Latvian Architect, Konstantine Pekshens and is by far one of the best of Riga’s Museums. Enjoy this area, slowly, explore and take it all in.

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