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Second Hand Clothing


Riga’s first charity shop, Otrā Elpa (Second Breath) was founded in 2009 by two enterprising local girls with a social conscious.  The first store opened up in the Berga Bazars (now located  on Marijas iela 8) and the idea has proved so successful there is now another store on Stabu iela and one more in Liepaja on the west coast of Latvia. The concept is simple; donations are made by the public, they are sorted by Otrā Elpa and those in good condition are sold in the shop, those unsellable are donated further to charities helping the homeless or less fortunate members of society. Profits from the running of the shops goes towards a different charity every month. It is a familiar model, but unlike charity shops in other countries, this is a small local organisation and the results directly benefit the local community.

One of the best places for second hand and vintage clothes in Riga, Otrā Elpa also sells books (in English and other languages), jewellery, kitchen and dining things, old LPs and a lot of collectibles from Latvia’s past. You can shop here, happy in the knowledge that you are both recycling and helping the local community at the same time. If you are living in Riga and have a bit of free time, Otrā Elpa also requires volunteers to help them with the gargantuan task of sorting through the donations that arrive. They are also happy receive any donations (in good condition of course, they are not a tip); goods are easily donated by car to the Stabu iela store. Give something back to the Latvian community and get your second hand from Otrā Elpa.


Marijas iela 8

Stabu iela 35

Phone: +371 2773 0302


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