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Try a different style of tour to discover Riga.

We understand that not everyone wants a standard walking tour. Therefore, we have combined our regular walking tours with something a little different to create a range of alternative excursions in Riga. Our Creative Tours; just like our popular E.A.T. Riga tours but with a twist.

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Riga from a new perspective

From hunting for antiques in flea markets, exploring far flung regions by tram or seeing the city through the lens of a soviet produced photo camera, you’re sure to find a tour to satisfy your interests.

EAT Riga’s Creative Tours spice up the regular walking tour by adding something specific. Interested in analogue photography? Sorted. Always wanted to be a model? No problem. On the lookout for soviet era kitchen appliances? We know where to find them. Got a hankering to see Riga’s communist block apartment suburbs? Then it’s tram 4 to Imanta!

We want you to discover Riga while having fun, not just listening to numbers and dates. Join one of our Creative city tours and see Riga in a different way. We know you’ll enjoy it.

Why choose an E.A.T. Riga creative tour?

  • More exciting and interactive than a regular tour.

  • You get a friendly, knowledgeable guide.

  • It’s an informative tour, with something different.

  • You’ll get a unique insight into something that interests you .

  • You have flexibility to change your time and route.

All our tours can be mixed and matched to suit your wishes. Simply get in touch and let us know what you want to do with your time in Riga.

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