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See Riga from a different point of view

After many requests we have decided to move into the world of boating, and Riga could not be a more appropriate city to do so in. We have access to all kinds of vessels from 100 year old canal boats to yachts, kayaks and speed boats. We can even organise a party for your group while you sail along the Daugava river. Cruise down the river on an E.A.T. Riga Boat Tour.

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Water ways are a very different way to experience Riga

Whether you are an individual wanting to see Riga more of the city or a corporate group looking for an incentive activity for your team, we can find the right river tour for you. Our popular offers for the warmer season are the Riga Kayaking Tour for an active outdoor sightseeing experience around Riga waterways and the Riga Canal Boat Tour for a relaxed cruise through the Old Town canal and the Daugava in a wooden river boat. Also it is possible to arrange an ocean going Yacht or Catamaran for a Sailing Tour.

Larger groups can book multiple canal boats for a transfer between two locations, far more scenic and enjoyable than packing into a bus. Events can also be arranged on the river, complete with catering and entertainment.

 Some of the best views of the city are from the river, and no trip to Riga is complete without exploring the Daugava river and the city canal. You may also bump into one of the river’s local residents, the Riga beavers.

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