Griziņkalns is an unique district of Riga, located roughly  between Čaka and Avotu streets. The district is named after a small hill – an old sand dune, which used to belong to Grizenberg estate already in 18th century.

Gate doors

Local architecture of National Romantic style

Until late 19th century the area was scarcely populated, but as the industrial revolution started, Griziņkalns area was becoming developed with factories and industry, new streets were set and the area was then populated by workers. Many of the revolts during 1905 started from Griziņkalns and spread all around the city. Even today, some say that the area is proud of its proletarian roots.

Nowadays maybe the place is less busy, but it still has an unique character in Riga, with local shops and attractions still running. We have some pics there to check out:

Old house in Grizinkalns

Old gateway

There are quite a few of National Romantic and Art Nouveau buildings in Griziņkalns

Having a soup in Chinese Bistro

Strange decorations for a strange basement window

There was probably a shop some time ago

Looks like a hostel with facilities

Firefighters running a restaurant and a banquet hall

There is more to see as well, wooden architecture, couple of churches, parks, quite a few antique shops and other local particularities – feel free to contact us if you want us to give you a tour of the area or in summer time you can just rent a bicycle from us and explore it on your own.