It’s 4pm… it’s dark… it must be time for Riga to shine! Yes, once again the light festival known as Staro Riga will light up buildings a public spaces around the city, in an attempt to get people excited for the 5 months of limited light they are about to experience.

Staro Riga 2013

Over 30 different light installations will appear in the next couple of days, and Riga’s population will flood the streets every evening from the 15th to the 18th of November, using their camera phones and shaking hands to take blurry photos of projections on some of Riga’s tourist objects.

Light installations can be found all across the city, mainly running from the historic Old Town, through the central district, all the way past the Laima Chocolate Factory, right up to the newly opened Ziemelblaza Kulturas Pils (“Northern Lights Culture Palace). Full details for the program can be found at the Staro Riga website. So if you’re in Riga between the 15th and the 18th of November and don’t know what to do in Riga in your time here, then join in the festivities and enjoy the city’s festival of light, Staro Riga.